Curious!! Breastfeeding Inside The Church, Right Or Wrong?

Behind the pew I sat this morning during morning mass, some noise filtered into my ears. Taking a look backwards, I saw a young nursing mother with abig “well-ovallized”bosom breastfeeding her baby.
I must admit, I lost concentration on the mass proceedings for a few minutes.
After a while, I turned back again and told her that it isn’t proper for her to breastfeed her baby inside the church.
Her response was, “my baby is hungry, why won’t I feed him?”
And my rejoinder was, “you ought to have done that outside the church building”
Whether she took the correction in good faith or not I wouldn’t know because I never looked back again.
In your candid opinion, who was right, myself or the lady?


About Dj Infinity

CEO I.C.E enter10ment, club Dj and event manager..
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