Trending Video: Dj Dimplez – Yaya ft. DreamTeam & Anatii (@DjDimplez)

“Following a premier launch at Taboo in Johannesburg, South Africa, DJ Dimplez’s highly anticipated new video for “Yaya” has finally hit the web. And it’s bigger than you expected.

The DreamTeam and Anatii featured single‘s video is more than a video – it’s a shortfilm shot by Studio Space. The over two and a half minutes of expositioning at the start of the visual are testament to this.

After being stranded in no man’s land, DJ Dimplez and DreamTeam decide to wait out the arrival of Anatii. During their wait, DJ Dimplez takes us back to the 90s when he discovers “Yaya” dubbed on to a cassette, complete with a walkman. But it’s what happens when the when you press play that sets the party in motion.

By the time Anatii arrives, it’s time to head out to the party where the “Yaya” rhythm is contagious for everyone. And to you answer your question: yes, you will get to jam to the “
Yaya” dance with this video. Watch & Enjoy!”

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